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Компания Zebra анонсировала легкий сканер RS5100,который надеваются на один палец.



Компания Zebra анонсировала выпуск защищенных планшетов ET51/56 с операционной системой Android.



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Company profile

DataScan History

DataScan was founded as a joint venture at the end of 1990. DATALOGIC SpA (Italy), the largest European manufacturer of the equipment in automated identification (AID), became the major shareholder. Due to the development of the informatic market Datalogic changed its structure; DataScan has been the subsidiary of the corporation ”Bruck Technologies H.m.b.H.” from the end of 1995. The development of the Russian AID market reduced to DataScan became the independent company on July 2006.

Participation in the international organisations.

Participation in the international organisations. DataScan is one of the founders of the Association of the Automated Identification “GS1/UNISCAN Russia” and member of AIM Russia. (Association of the Manufacturers of the Automatic Identification Equipment).



Directions of activity of the company

DataScan was founded as scientific and technical enterprise. The main direction of our activity is creation and implementation of the automated systems of diverse purposes, based on AID technologies. The company offers the following services:

  • site survey;

  • development of the technical requirements and projects;

  • development and implementation of the solutions based on the AID technologies;

  • supply of the equipment, software and media;

  • putting into operation;

  • training of the Customer specialists;

  • warranty and post-warranty technical service.

Our Technologies:

  • bar coding (one- and two-dimension codes, composite codes, RSS codes);

  • radiofrequency coding (RFID)

  • wireless data transmission (WLAN, WWAN, Blue Tooth).

Our Business Directions:

  • government programs;

  • industry applications: light industry, food processing, wood processing, metal processing, machine building industries etc.;

  • retail and wholesale;

  • warehouse management;

  • office automation;

  • library automation;

  • healthcare and others.

Suppliers of our company

DataScan is an authorized partner of the world leaders in manufacturing of the Automation Identification equipment in Russia:

DataLogic SpA

DataLogic ADC (Italy; handheld and automatic bar code scanners, data collection terminals, wireless data collection systems)

DataLogic SpA

DataLogic Automation (Italy, automatic code scanners, sensors, thermocontrollers, safety barriers, laser marking systems)

Honeywell Scanning&Mobility (USA; bar code scanners, data collection terminals, label printers)

Zebra Technologies Corporation Zebra Technologies Corporation (USA; bar code scanners, data collection terminals, label and plastic cards printers, wireless data collection systems)
CAB G.m.b.H

CAB G.m.b.H (Germany; label printers of special purpose, industrial automatic applicators)

Label Aire LABEL AIRE (USA; industrial automatic applicators)
Latschbacher Latschbacher (Austria; systems of marking and control in the wood processing industry)

Technical Support

Our company is an authorized technical centre providing a complete cycle of support and repair of equipment produced by Zebra Technologies, Datalogic ADC, Datalogic Automation, Honeywell, CAB and Label Aire.

We always worked in compliance with the highest world standards.

Our company develops actively, expanding the range of the technologies and services

in Automatic Identification business at the Russian market.

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